In Italy, for 10 years, they have been selling houses that cost only 1 euro․

About ten years ago, a program began to operate in Italy, according to which real estate is sold for a minimum amount of 1 euro.
Such housing is still available today, however, a potential buyer should not count on neat and suitable living accommodation immediately after purchase.

These buildings are, to say the least, in poor condition. The expert made a photographic visit to one of these objects.
A significant number of these accommodations are located in Agrigento, but if necessary you can find similar offers in other provinces.

What the objects have in common is that they are located where there are no major cities, and the settlements, despite being residential, look like abandoned settlements.

If the buyer plans to participate in the program, he agrees to restore the object – this is a major overhaul. In addition, the owner is obliged to carry out repair work for three years. Many houses have remained abandoned for decades and have therefore managed to become a state of ruin.

Having decided to buy such a building, you need to understand that it will cost only pennies, but the restoration will take an impressive amount, for which you can buy a good apartment in the city.

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