The man was doing repairs and found a bottle with an interesting message from the past and found the author of the letter

Australian Matt Streatfield made home repairs. In the process, he discovered an interesting find – a letter hidden in a glass bottle.
As it turned out later, the message had been kept under glass since 1974. The workers building the house decided to write a letter about life in the seventies.

“I’ve heard many stories of Messages in Bottles many times, but had no idea I’d find something similar in my own home,” Matt said.

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After reading the letter, the home owner learned that it was written by employees of Newcastle Interior Linings, which operates to this day.

The builders received about $105 a week, and the container with the message was the first to be produced in a volume of 568.26 ml or 1 imperial pint.

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“I am delighted that this memory has finally been recovered. But the fact that it was installed nearly fifty years ago shocked me,” Ron said.

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