Daddy’s song for his little girls brings waterworks to the room

There wasn’t a dry eye in the room, what a sweet audition.

It’s been eleven long years but a surprise moment had Nick Edwards finding his certainty again after he made that big appearance at Britain’s Got Talent thanks to his two wonderful daughters.

36-year-old Nick was more than stunned to see his daughters Savannah and Cali, three and four, welcomed in front of an audience by his mother Tracey.

The three girls wanted him to get up and audition.

Edwards is from Doncaster, South Yorkshire, and he said he had “never been so scared” in his life before the performance. Thanks to his daughters, his dream of singing his own melodies openly is back.

He told the appointed authorities that he had “lost a great deal of certainty” in himself throughout the long term. He only sings in the shower thus.

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But you have to hear this man sing!

However, amanda Holden was sufficiently decent to tell Nick he could go grab a glass of water to get it together.

Edwards got back with a guitar ready to sing. Indeed, even Simon was glad he returned. Scratch sang a melody he dedicates to his daughters since he says the tune had turned into the “soundtrack of their life”.

Savannah and Cali are really honored to have Nick as their dad. He sings with such a lot of adoration, you can see he was thinking of his daughters the entire time up there in front of an audience.

Any reasonable person would agree he has his certainty back. All of us are looking forward to hearing more from Nick.

Watch the video below for an emotional overload!

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