The world’s first super yacht, just look inside and you’ll see why

SolarImpact: the first solar-powered superyacht

After five years of research, the Swiss company Solarimpact Yacht AG will present the world’s first solar-powered yacht at the Cannes Yachting Festival (CYF).

The innovative high-tech design concept combines durability, modern design and luxurious cabins.

Years of research have not been in vain. Problems with sea roll in high noise levels are solved. This 24 meter yacht is almost silent, resistant to vibrations, even in big waves. The eco-friendly superyacht concept demonstrates the combination of solar power with luxury and sustainability.

The yacht’s design provides a smoother, quieter glide on the water, even in harsh weather conditions. Specially developed technology reduces yacht sway by up to 90%.Sustainability is demonstrated by all on-board systems that can use the sun as the main energy source. The yacht’s solar drive is environmentally friendly and very quiet.

Werner Vogeli, CEO of SolarImpact Yacht AG, explained: “SolarImpact stands for state-of-the-art shipbuilding in terms of fluid mechanics, high-efficiency energy technology and sustainability. Our yacht concept avoids noise and CO2 emissions and is therefore an important step towards electric mobility in the maritime sector.

The interior, designed by designer Marlena Ratajska, includes four double cabins and a saloon that can accommodate up to ten people.
The yacht’s energy is provided by 300 square meters of solar panels. There is also a diesel generator, which ensures reliable operation in more difficult weather conditions.

The yacht’s control technology and power supply were developed in cooperation with the Austrian company Kreisel Electric GmbH & Co.KG, known for its development of high-performance ultra-light batteries.

Solarimpact also works closely with US supplier SunPower, whose solar cells currently have the highest possible efficiency. Solbian, a specialist supplier of flexible solar modules, uses them to produce flexible panels installed on yachts. Our yacht sets new standards in passenger comfort and individual freedom,” added Werner Vogeli.

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