7-year-old artist from Germanni who sells his paintings for tens of thousands of dollars

Man is an inexplicable being. And people’s talents are completely mysterious. Someone develops a desire to sing at 60, someone starts a football career at 25, and someone, like our today’s hero, becomes a rich artist at 7.


How did it happen? It cannot be said that the parents did anything on purpose to make this happen. It’s just that in the first days of his life, in addition to all sorts of robots and characters, he also received paintings. The most common, for drawing by hand. When the boy’s father saw his son’s first work, he thought it was his wife’s work.

Our hero draws amazing pictures. An absolute harmony reigns in his works. Today, the most famous collectors are ready to spend a lot of money to get the boy’s work.

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He draws with his father’s boxing gloves, inspired by the great works of Jean Michel Basquiat and the music of Michael Jackson
According to experts, the boy’s work is reminiscent of Jackson Pollock.

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It’s not about copying, it’s just that the boy also presents his style in a very subtle and precise way. When, at exhibitions in Berlin, people found out about the age of the artist, they were simply amazed by such talent.

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Mikail recently collaborated with German keeper Manuel Neuer on a board that sold for $12,000. It is also worth mentioning that parents do not try to get rich with the help of their son, therefore, many are often refused. They don’t want the boy to start hating paint.

Despite his talent, the boy dreams of becoming a footballer.

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