At 10, an autistic child builds the Titanic in Lego

Brinard Carl Birigsson is now 15 years old and suffers from an autistic disorder. But that didn’t stop him at the age of 10 from building a perfect copy of the Titanic with the help of Lego.

The height of the ship is 1 m and 30 cm, and the length is 8 m. Think about these numbers. He built such a giant ship for an entire year, using 56,000 parts.

The boy loved to travel from an early age. Once he went fishing with his grandfather, and since then he has become very fond of boats.

The whole family helped him build the ship. Grandfather, an engineer, did all the calculations, the parents bought all the necessary parts, and Brignard himself was already building everything.

Building this ship really helped him come to terms with his diagnosis and accept himself, the boy says

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