Can you imagine that there is a city built in honor of this house? It amazed everyone.

A lot of people think the rich have their weirdness. And yes, it really is, all of this is convincing when you come across unusual houses of the rich. This house is located in the United States. Can you imagine that in the basement of this house there are streets built like houses?

Once a boy posted an ad about selling a house, which cost about 4-5 million dollars. This is why the house is sold so expensive.

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The area of ​​this mansion is 1123 sqm. The description states that the mansion comes with 4 acres of perfectly landscaped land located in a prestigious area.

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Inside there are 7 bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, 10 fireplaces, 6 heating zones, a two bedroom guest house, an indoor and outdoor pool and a lighted tennis court. a music room and a library.

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The most beautiful place in the house is in the basement.

Even in the streets
There are parked cars. These cars are real.

In total, there are 15 “buildings” in the basement, in which there is a post office and a cinema.

Even the city roads are paved.
It has everything: massage, bar, sauna և tattoos. There is a Blair Inn Irish restaurant model. Billiards. Chimney . children’s playroom ․․․ And swimming pool

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