From the outside, it looks like an ordinary caravan. But Its Interior Is Incredible!

What comes to mind when you see the AIRSTREAM trailer? Definitely a silver trailer that looks very futuristic. At first glance, the 1979 AIRSTREAM, which can be rented in New Orleans, looks exactly the same.

AIRSTREAM is the classic silver trailer families rode across the country decades ago. However, the repair can transform the van beyond recognition. As tiny houses become more and more popular, people’s creativity is definitely improving. See for yourself what the owners have created. It is absolutely amazing!

This trailer is in the backyard of a house in New Orleans. It is located under a century-old tree. A porch has been added for more relaxation.

With its shiny silver appearance, it looks a bit like a spaceship. But what’s inside? It is absolutely unexpected!

The rustic interior creates an incredibly warm and cozy atmosphere. Despite its compactness, there is enough space for two.

There is a full size kitchen and bathroom. And thanks to air conditioning and heating, comfort is assured at any time of the year.
At the back of the house is a large bed. There is even a rocking chair, which creates extraordinary comfort.

The interior is thought out to the smallest detail. In order to save space under the bed, there are drawers for storing clothes. There are also many other amazing things that are essential in every home.

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