Man builds multi-room houses out of snow. That’s how they are on the inside.

It’s always been fun for Blake Dixon to play in the snow. Especially on snowy days.

When he was in school, he dreamed of building a snow fort or something. A few years later, his dream came true.

After a long engineering work, he was able to build his biggest igloo. Blake helped his friend build the igloo. Who said the igloo dome collapsed? Which they somehow managed to rebuild.

Despite all this, the man and his friends managed to build a multi-room igloo. The eagle was named “Snow Fortress”. There are seats and several rooms.

Dixon takes pride in his work.

He and his friends have worked hard to make it happen, and he loves that his igloo puts smiles on people’s faces.
The igloo can accommodate at least seven adults and two children. But when it all first went public, it wasn’t over yet.

According to the man, there were still additions to make for it to be complete.

He was planning to add a fireplace and chimney, and the team was already working on it.

Blake posted the igloo photos on his Instagram account, where it is already obvious that there is already a chimney. She thanks her friends for helping her.

There is also a television there. The igloo is a good place to spend the evening. And if someone is tired, they can even stay there and sleep. There are several blankets in the room to keep warm.

For the record, Blake Dixon recently earned a master’s degree in climate change and global sustainability, and, in his own words, he’s “ready to save the world.”

We don’t know if he will succeed in this mission, but so far he has made a lot of people happy with his build, and that’s something he should be proud of.
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