The woman closed the door and fled Paris in 1939, only her relatives were able to get into the house 70 years later

The woman closed the door of her house in 1939 and left town. He did not enter this house
no more than 70 years old. After a long struggle, the woman’s relatives were allowed to enter.

Madame de Florian left her home when Paris was occupied by the Germans.

The lady was able to take with her a minimum of things – only what one cannot do without in everyday life.

The woman managed to leave the city as much as possible. For some reason, he didn’t come back to town!

His relatives did not even know the existence of the house. After her death, her lawyer opened the will and gave the woman’s relatives a large set of keys.

The door opened and the woman’s parents entered.

They entered a house where no one had set foot in over 70 years. There were old furniture and paintings in the house, which turned out to be quite expensive.

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