They are the most beautiful twin sisters in the world. They have become role models. Say they are wonderful.

The names of the twins are Leah Rose և Ava Marie. They became famous for their beauty.

They have a large number of followers.

When their mother opened an Instagram account for them, they gained over 546,000 followers.

The girls became very famous in a short time.

They signed contracts with modeling companies.

And now they have signed contracts with children’s clothing brands.

The girls’ mother said they were going dancing and swimming.

He had an idea for his daughters to try out a modeling career.

The mother offered the girls to pursue a modeling career.

He said if the girls were against him, he wouldn’t go against them.

However, the girls were so happy about the idea that they even started jumping.

Jackie, the girls’ mother, said the girls like to be the center of attention all the time.

They also perform their dances.

He told Jack և that as soon as the girls were 7 years old,

he considered it a lucky number and that that year,

the girls would be lucky.

Therefore, as soon as the girls turned 7 years old, they began to have a modeling career.

The girls have a brother. She is also beautiful. Although he has about 2000 followers on Instagram.

The girls brother also has a contract with these agencies։

Do you think girls are beautiful?

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