Dancing Couple “Bad Salsa” Twirls Their Way Into the Hearts of America’s Got Talent Judges

Being able to pull off a salsa dance routine successfully isn’t an easy feat. Going by the name “Bad Salsa,” came all the way from India to show the United States their incredible moves, and undeniable chemistry.

During the AGT quarter-finals, the moving duo wound up as one of only a handful of exceptional moving gatherings. They chose to make their daily practice around the hit song, “Tattad” by dearest Bollywood performer, Aditya Narayan.

Beginning their performance by strolling down an excellent flight of stairs, the two were looking sharp and prepared to flaunt their sweet moves. Promptly after the song starting, the young lady is immediately thrown high up.

Awful Salsa’s performance comprises of jumps, spins, science, movement, and even trapeze artistry. They never thought twice, and the whole normal was high-energy beginning to end. We can hardly hold back to see what Bad Salsa does straightaway.

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