Britain’s Got Talent teen earns 12.6M views with “Feeling Good” by Nina Simone

A teen from Upminster in London, England, has decided to showcase his talent on the biggest talent show in Great Britain, Britain’s Got Talent.

With a well put together and incredible character, James Smith has completely caught the hearts of everybody, including the four judges of the show. He was so fiery and enchanting even before he began performing.

The judges were a piece stunned and stressed the second they realize that he would be singing Feeling Good by Nina Simone. It was a hard tune to perform, and not every person will take a chance with singing this piece for a tryout.

Nonetheless, the judges, including the entire group, were paralyzed the second James began singing. He just impeccably raised a ruckus around town keys, which are absolutely high.

His voice was heavenly to the point that it can make you snare for quite a while and fail to remember anything you are doing or about to do.

Not long later, every one of the four judges were on their feet applauding and supporting this teen because of his astounding performance. Simon Cowell even referenced that it was perhaps of the best tryout he has seen during that time.

I’m certain that James’ family is so pleased with what he has displayed on the show. He was without a doubt a pop star really taking shape.

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