Dmitry found an old chest in the garden. What he found inside surprised him.

Oh, how everyone loves to find treasures! But sometimes the discoveries are much closer than we can imagine. This is what happened to Dmitry Lukichev, he came across an old chest by chance while digging in the garden.


Today at we will show you what was in that chest and you will be amazed at the quality of its contents.


Dmitry has long planned to make toilets outside. And when he got to work and started digging a cesspool, his shovel fell on something hard. He started digging even faster, it was already clear that there was some kind of object metallic. After digging some more, a chest appeared. The man had no idea what to do with him, we don’t know what’s inside…

But curiosity got the better of him and using a shovel he broke the lock and opened it.

There were a lot of old clothes and some items inside.

The first thing the man took out of the trunk was a soldier’s hat. It was not the uniform of an ordinary soldier, it was a special type.
The symbol in the talons of an eagle on the top of the hat signifies that it is the uniform of a German soldier in World War II.

The stripes on the jacket indicate that the owner of this uniform was a captain in the German army.
And from the stripes on the lapels, it’s safe to say the captain was an Nursing Sister.

Considering that the man who dug up the chest lives in Besh-Kunkhei (in Kyrgyzstan, formerly part of the USSR), all of these things most likely belonged to a captain who fought on the Eastern Front in the 1940s.

In the trunk was also a box of cigars.
It is believed that at this time Karl I cigars were of the highest quality and were issued only to high-ranking officers, to whom this captain apparently belonged.

And two bottles of expensive rum. The captain’s purse contained five Reichsmark notes, which were the official German currency from 1924-1948. The red card was most likely an ID that soldiers had to use when passing through army camps.
In addition, a badge bearing the name of a military member was found on winter clothing.

The documents said: “H. St. W. Insterburg, and he belonged to the No. 14 team. Historians hope the name will help them trace the captain’s life story and trace his descendants. Hopefully they are still alive and can inherit those cigars and rum bottles. In fact, the captain really planned to bring something to his family during his time in Germany.

A postcard was also found, which never reached the addressee.

And a military notebook.

Since this uniform is of historical importance and perfectly preserved, historians have exhibited it in the museum. Uniforms will be sent to the captain’s descendants as soon as they are found.

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