She bought an old bus for a penny. And turned it into her dream home

We often dream of traveling around the world or simply going abroad for a week or two. But despite this, we still want to go home, where comfort, warmth and native walls await us. A young girl named Jessie Lipskin decided to kill two birds with one stone and created a motorhome. To do this, she bought a dilapidated old bus for pennies and immediately set about transforming it into her dream home.
For several years, Jessie worked to create a space out of the 1966 bus that could be safely called home. The comfort of the motorhome was also important. After all, the girl planned to travel in it.

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This is what the bus looked like at the start:

> >

Inside, it looked more depressing…

> >

But the bus chassis itself was solid. Jessie had to upgrade it a bit…

Next, Jessie covered all the walls with wood and the ceiling with clapboard. In such an extraordinary house, the girl had to make furniture herself. Jessie put a parquet board on the floor.

Externally, the bus also underwent changes. There is no trace of the old rust and dull paint!

The end result is amazing!

Everything is there for conviviality and comfort. The bus has a large bed…

To save more space, Jessie placed storage boxes under the bed.

A closet with all the necessary things is also suitable.

The kitchen has everything: a worktop, a sink with a tap, a stove and drawers for storing food


There is even a refrigerator here. This shape and height are due to the original kitchen.

We couldn’t fit a tub on the bus, but Jesse has a shower and a big mirror

With such a house, you can safely go to meet the sunsets!

You will learn more about this extraordinary house in the video:

All of the bus reincarnations cost Jesse a round sum – $70,000. However, looking at the result, you understand – it was worth it!

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