The couple have lived in a cave for 60 years and are not going to leave

Chinese couple Liang Zifu and Li Suying got married 60 years ago.

At that time, they had neither money nor housing. They could not afford to buy a house or an apartment, and they did not pull the rent financially.

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Therefore, the couple built a family nest in a cave. Under the stone vaults are a bedroom, a kitchen and a living room.

Over time, they got used to farming – chickens and pigs.

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They mostly ate fruits and vegetables. And clothes and other necessities were exchanged in a nearby village for meat and eggs.

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Soon there were children in the family, to whom Li gave birth there in the cave.

When the sons and daughters grew up, they moved to live in the city and their parents stayed here. When the provincial government discovered this family, they were offered an apartment in the city where their children also live, but the husband 86-year-old and his 81-year-old wife refused.

They say they have been used to living in a cave for so many decades.

They like silence and privacy.

Therefore, they do not want to destroy the marital idyll.

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