The girl found an old suitcase in the park. What she found inside startled her.

Sarah Baumer is a girl who cannot imagine her life without animals. One day she went out for a walk in the park and got some fresh air. It was an ordinary sunny day, which announced nothing special.

Probably, the girl would not even pay attention to the old suitcase lying on the grass, if not for the strange sounds coming from it. Approaching, the girl was completely disoriented. She couldn’t even imagine that at that moment, someone else’s fate was in her hands.

The suitcase looked abandoned and useless, but there was still something inside… Curiosity overcame the young girl and she took the strange find with her. Looking inside, she was shocked.
There was a whole litter of little black kittens in the suitcase.

Sara immediately contacted the vet who advised her.
The kittens were starving and malnourished, and they constantly itched from flea bites. Apparently, an “inventive” owner decided in this way to get rid of unwanted offspring from his cat.

What kind of monster do you have to be to do that to these cute little ones?

The fact that Sarah found a suitcase with kittens and decided to open it is a real miracle. Without his help, they would certainly have died for lack of air or hunger.

In the 21st century court, and many people have not become more human.

Sometimes, the way a “reasonable person” treats his own or his little brothers, the blood freezes in the veins … It remains only to hope for the law of karma and to believe that such actions really come back as a boomerang.

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