This guy built his dream house in just 6 weeks. Awesome house!

Steve Erin was well aware that in the modern world, even mortgage slavery does not guarantee the joy of living in one’s own household, which is why he did not initially plan to buy a home in the city.

He bought nothing at all except a handful of building materials, tools and paint. We really like what he made with his own hands – it’s cooler than the designer bungalows!

A circle of empty land somewhere in Thailand is how it all started

His friend gave him some land on the edge of the mangrove farm and some old concrete blocks from the barn.

House shape – intersecting spheres with transitions

About $6,000 was spent on cement, bricks and other building materials. In the United States, Steve’s homeland, it was only enough for one mortgage payment.

The orange color was chosen to harmonize with the surrounding landscape.

Steve spent an extra $3,000 on interior and communications, but the result is worth every penny

Above is a foyer and below is a bedroom.

This is what his house looks like from the outside after 6 weeks of work

He didn’t just want to live, but enjoy life – a terrace is a must

Where else can you find such a ladder on the roof?

Table, conditionally – for cocktails

And it’s the shower

He meticulously worked out the details

The living room overlooks the courtyard with a pool

And this is what all this beauty looks like after the sun goes down

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