2-man dance team thrills ‘AGT’ judges with fantastically-fun routine

From the social media platform to TV fame, Funkanometry now got it all. Recently, the British Columbia dancing duo won the hearts of the AGT judges on their Season 17 auditions.

19-year-old Jacksun Fryer and 20-year-old Carlow Rush partook in the tryouts for America’s Got Talent that airs on NBC. The pair dazzled the AGT decided with their abilities and moved to the following round.

The moving pair played out the song “September” by Earth, Wind and Fire and “Super Freak” by Rick James. Under the watchful eye of the performance, judge Simon Cowell asked them, “Are you sure that you want to win?”

The talented artists told the adjudicators, “I figure we could give a great deal of grins to the world, and that is somewhat the spirit of Funkanometry. It’s simply energy, and I figure it could present to us as far as possible.”

After their performance, Simon Cowell added, “I think you are fun, unique. My main issue was it wasn’t adequately long.” Sofia Vergara lauded the youths and said, “It was fun, youthful, present day, and incredible.”

Howie Mandel further added, “It was so great on many levels. You’re in a state of harmony together.” Heidi Klum said, “I think it worked. I truly enjoyed it.” However, Mandel was the main adjudicator to give them a “yes” to the performance.

The social media sensation, Funkanometry, moved its way to the following round with 4 yeses. Their moving style had heaps of score and funk, which assisted them with winning the adjudicators’ hearts and the crowd.

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