Grandfather found a building under his house, which was built in time immemorial. Pictures

This incident happened in Belgium.

There were stone walls in the ground, which were built by human hands.

Particular attention should be paid to the person who made this incredible discovery.

Roberte Garce is an amateur archaeologist and also a connoisseur of ancient structures.

Not so long ago, a man decided to fulfill his dream and

began to build his house near the fort,

built during World War II.

The building consisted of 9 floors. During the construction works,

the man and his group met in tunnels.


Some took them to caves. Because Robert was an archaeologist,

it was easy for him to determine the age of the earth.

According to preliminary information, the excavations were stopped on the orders of the country’s authorities.

This was done so that no one could destroy or damage the discovery.

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