Good-natured people rescued an elephant wounded by poachers

Now the rescued elephant has become his own for people who can and will monitor his well-being.


They are determined to do everything so that he no longer has to suffer at the hands of poachers.

More than once practice has shown that our world is not without good people.


So the employees of the national park helped the wounded elephant, who was hiding from poachers.

The poor animal almost died because of a bullet fired into the forehead, but fortunately the projectile got stuck in ivory.


And yet, the wound was contaminated and there was a risk of developing septic shock.

In a state of fright, the elephant reached the people. The employees of the national park did not understand why the wild animal was coming towards them so fast – they were even scared, because the elephant is large and is able to demolish everything around it. However, when the giant came closer, it became clear to everyone that he needed help.

Veterinarians and rescuers were immediately called to the scene. Prior to their arrival, the elephant was injected with tranquilizers so that specialists could conduct an examination.

Soon the bullet was pulled out, although it was not easy, and the wound was cleaned and treated, stitched. All that remained was to wait until the poor man recovered from the effects of anesthesia and to place him in a specialized place where his rehabilitation would take place.

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