Pinky size and your personality

Physiognomy is the science of determining character and fate by the face. But it turns out that hands can tell a lot about us.

And even fingers. Did you know that based on the length of the little fingers of all the people of the world can be divided into three categories.

1. Type A.

Your smallest finger is as long as the first knuckle of your ring finger. This characterizes you as an organized and balanced person. You love order and when all things are in their place. What you are trying to avoid is chaos.


But uncertainty can throw you off balance.


2. Type B.

If the little finger does not reach the first line of the ring finger, you are of this type. This characterizes you as an emotional, sensitive and receptive person.

You are always ready to help all those in need, even if they do not really want it and deserve it. You trust people unconditionally, and this is your weak point. Words and actions of loved ones, especially unexpected ones, can hurt you.


3. Type C.


If your little finger is longer than the top line of your ring finger, you belong to the third category. It characterizes you as a person who is completely devoted to both work and personal relationships.

You give everything to the fullest and always give more than you take, from which you often suffer. And you can also suffer from your excessive initiative. Learn to delegate and not take on too much.

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