Stepmother to the most beautiful children in the world – what she looks like now

Do we remember the beauties whose names were on everyone’s lips?

Nastya Knyazeva, Tilan Brando – they were called the most beautiful girls.

But this title leaves with the growth of children and is transferred to new candidates. Now they are brother and sister named Dima and Viola.

The unusual and truly angelic appearance of these children captivated fashion designers, which allowed children, despite their young age, to work with the most famous brands.

And a considerable merit in this regard is their mother, who herself was a model.

Granted, things didn’t work out for mom, but she knows the “cuisine” of the modeling business and sent the kids on the right track in time.

And the children did not disappoint – they continued their mother’s work and achieved considerable success. After all, it is not for nothing that children are called ours.

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