The family put the house up for sale, but all the buyers are confused by the children’s room․ This is what was in the room

The Australian family has lived most of their lives in their home. After 57 years, they decided to sell their large chalet. However, unexpected difficulties arose. The appearance of the mansion raises no questions. Most rooms are in good condition. However, there is a small “but”. Potential buyers pay attention to the nursery.

The children of the owners of the gîte have not lived in the room for a long time. The room where their resting and sleeping area was had not been repaired for many years. The owners of the mansion considered this unnecessary.

There is plenty of room in their large mansion. The owners of the chalet have made an unexpected decision. They just barricaded the door to the children’s room. In this place they pasted a photo wallpaper, which depicts a door and a girl looking out of it. He looks, to say the least, scary.

The real estate agent admits that it is this circumstance that prevents the owners from selling their large mansion. Potential customers do not believe the story of not wanting to renovate the nursery. Buyers are sure that this house has a bad past. The owners of the chalet have decided to lower the price.

Maybe the deal will be done soon. In the meantime, the announcement of the sale has been dragging on the classifieds sites for several months.

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