Very unusual houses: this trinity is worth a look!

1. Open house
The maximum opening is the “trick” of this country house. The future tenants asked the architect to develop a very original project: all the rooms in the house should be visible from any angle.


The result of the work of a professional is obvious: thanks to the interior glass walls, the house has acquired extraordinary airiness, but at the same time the exterior walls reliably protect the house from prying eyes.

2. House in the shape of a cross

This cross-shaped house is located in Mexico, on the territory of a residential country club. In order for the building to fit into the general “rustic” style, natural materials and the most natural and calm colors were used.

The living room is organically complemented by several landscaped areas, making this home ideal for comfortable living.

3. Stair House

The staircase house in Korea seems more than ambitious. The “pyramids” located on the sides are residential, all rooms are freely distributed over two floors.

The staircase in the middle unites the parts of this unique, ultra-modern structure into a single structure and gives it that very “zest”.

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