A 70-year-old Mexican man built an unusual house: a man lives in the middle of the desert․This is the inside of the house

Once Benito Hernandez from Mexico saw a big rock in the Coahuila desert.

For 50 years, he nurtured the idea of ​​building a home on this site. Life made its own adjustments. School years. Then Benito met his love. Seven children were born in their family.

The Mexican shared his dream with his wife. Santa Marta liked the idea of ​​moving to the desert. The couple went from talk to action.

They started building the house.

The family did not need to install air conditioning in the accommodation.

Due to the favorable location in the house, there was always a comfortable temperature.

There is no electricity in the accommodation, but there are sewers. The unusual house has become a local landmark. The accommodation began to attract tourists, which provided the family with additional income.Now the Mexican is on fire with a new idea. He plans to build another house in a nearby rock. Only now – for tourists.

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