A house that does not depend on utilities: see what it looks like from the inside․ It’s just amazing

This house is not only assembled in 15 days and fully supplied with vital resources –

it is able to generate 3 times more energy than it expends on its own!

The employees of the Institute of Progressive Architecture in Madrid imagined and built this house themselves.

He is completely autonomous. Its roof is made of flexible solar cells to use the energy from our daylight.

In addition, photovoltaic panels provide three times more energy than the house is able to “digest”.

The building is made of wood (planks, wood, plywood and other environmentally friendly materials).

Ergonomically shaped, many windows allow good natural light and ventilation into the house. Plus tanks to collect rainwater with runoff from the roof.

A small outer surface of a rounded shape made it possible to create a maximum internal volume.

In addition, three “legs” -supports made it possible to create a shelter from the sun under the house, where it is quite possible to relax, enjoying the fresh air.

The resources of this house are enough to accommodate 4 people, with a house area of ​​75 square meters. meters. True, the question of the cost of building such a house remains open.

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