A girl feeds a homeless man and he hands her a note she will never forget ․Here is what was written in it

Once an American, Casey Fisher, was in a hurry to go about her business, while running she noticed a homeless man begging for alms on the street.

A little later, she found him in one of the cafes. The man counted the change he was able to retrieve – there was no more than a dollar. The girl, seeing all this, offered the homeless man to sit at her table. The man was very surprised and, a little hesitant, nevertheless sat down next to Casey.

During the conversation, it turned out that the man’s name is Kris. The fact that he lives on the streets is only his fault. Because many years ago he was addicted to drugs and now he hated himself for it.

Chris would have dreamed of becoming the kind of person his late mother, who died of cancer many years ago, could be proud of. He would like to be someone in this life, but so far he is just homeless, begging on the streets.

The conversation with Chris lasted over an hour. But Casey was forced to interrupt the conversation, as she was in a hurry to go to college.

While the girl was getting ready, Chris quickly wrote something down on paper and handed it to her, apologizing in advance for the not so good handwriting. Casey took the handed piece of paper and left.

After reading the note, the girl realized that she had not only invited a homeless man to dinner, she had done something much more important. In the note, Chris wrote:

Today I wanted to kill myself. But thanks to you, I will live and try to fix everything. Thank you, you are a wonderful person

A single act of kindness, a word of encouragement in a moment of despair, or a simple smile can change someone’s life. Keep that in mind and do good like Casey


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