Cavers Found A Hole In The Forest Floor And Decided To Descend: What They Found Inside Surprised Him

In a dense forest, amateur cavers found a hole that accidentally descends very far. Just out of curiosity, they decided to find out what might be at the bottom.

They tied a rope to the camera and began to lower it: from the side the hole looked shallow, but the rope unwound up to 100 meters.

The descent to the hole itself took the researchers almost an hour. People had to enter a hallway leading somewhere far below, which in some places extended to a cave in its own right.

After about 10 minutes of descent, cavers heard the growing sound of flowing water. There was clearly an underground river nearby which made the trip even more interesting.

Finally, a small stream appeared. The water flowed smoothly – over the centuries the stream carved real steps into the rock. The cavers did not dare to descend the water, instead they climbed a little higher and found another corridor.

But here, just five minutes later, the path led to a huge failure. Its depth could not be measured visually. The cavers tied the ropes tightly and descended all the way down.


And deep inside, another surprise awaited them – another hole penetrating the dark depths. People no longer started descending here just for safety reasons, but they attached a camera to the rope and started filming the descent:

Where exactly the found hole leads, people did not understand. Most likely, they entered a karst cave, which can be completely riddled with similar otnorkas.


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