In the Mars photo, they made out an object that looks like a doorway leading below the planet’s surface

New images of Mars have caused a number of serious disputes in the scientific community.

The fact is that the rover transmitted to the control center a photograph of a shaded section of the rock, in which the gate is visually clearly visible.

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The object even made a handle: some researchers believe that the door could lead to a kind of underground temple.

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The image was transmitted to Earth by Curiosity on May 7, 2022.

It took scientists several days to decide whether or not to release it to the public domain. A door-shaped object was found on the slope of Fronton Greenhue Canyon.

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The publication of the image caused a stir. Proponents of alternative science have already announced that the gate will lead directly to the center of the planet, or to a hidden temple.

Admittedly, education is a bit like a door, but no one yet knows what is hidden behind it.

Also, the theory seems more realistic, that it wasn’t a door at all that came into the picture, but only an oddly shaped rock formation. The shifting of the rocks could have happened quite recently: on May 4, a March quake was observed in roughly the same area.

However, its causes are still unclear to scientists. The rover will remain in the area until the end of May. Perhaps the following images will bring more clarity to the situation.

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