Mars on Earth: Russia’s northernmost hotel looks like a colony on another planet

About a year ago, Russia’s northernmost hotel opened on the remote coast of the Barents Sea.

The unique glamping is literally located at the edge of the Earth: travelers have traveled tens of kilometers off-road to film the device of this unusual place.


The object is positioned as the only year-round glamping in the Russian Arctic.

Visitors should not expect the usual hotel conditions: there are 15 separate eco-spheres with panoramic windows and a view of the Barents Sea on the territory.

The main building, the glampcenter, serves as a meeting place for all guests. There is also a small restaurant and an office with a fireplace.

Separately, there are two cedar baths with Japanese furako barrels. The view is exactly the same:

the Barents Sea and, if you’re lucky, the Northern Lights. The authors of the project claim to have succeeded in creating an oasis of comfort away from civilization – but glamping in the north is not about comfort, adventures are important here.

You will not be bored on the beach. Guests of this unique hotel can choose the entertainment program themselves. There are also mountain bike outings, and dives with real whales:

Внутренний туризм, похоже, скоро достигнет уровня внешнего. Уникальных проектов в стране становится все больше.

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