Neighbors thought the man was digging in the garage every day, but he quietly made it into a home within a year

The neighbors have always considered Christian as a mechanic. He came almost every day to his garage-workshop and dug there from morning to night.

The man had his own car service there, so everyone thought Chris was fixing cars. The situation changed a few months later, when the garage began to change from the outside – then everyone realized that the man was not only working in the garage. He quietly transformed it into a real home.

Christian Kudzhin did not particularly advertise his plans and only because he has already said that he has long set himself the goal of turning the garage into a real “men’s den”.

It was not affordable to hire a team of builders, so the man tried to do everything slowly himself and only as a last resort to invite workers.

At first, he just wanted to ennoble the walls, but after about 3 months of work, he realized that the garage was spacious enough to become a full-fledged house.

By profession, Chris was an auto mechanic, so his garage was bigger than the usual “shells”. In fact, it was a car garage service, with the possibility of receiving several cars. So there was plenty of room.

In his updated garage, he decided to combine the garage and the living room.

All furniture in the garage is made in a harmonious style, almost everything is handmade. Interior decorations are appropriate, from old engines to recycled parts.

The interior space makes it easy to organize a party space in the garage. A whole group of friends can gather here, which happens on weekends.

Video tour of Christian’s garage:

Christian was so fond of building his own garage house that he had already designed a similar project, the basis of which would be a car box. He plans to start doing so next year.

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