In the dense forest, passers-by found a trellis in the rock and attempted to enter the cave hidden behind it. Video

In the very thicket of the deep forest, passers-by unexpectedly saw a grid hiding a dark dungeon in the rock.

Out of curiosity, people approached, turned the edge of the grid and tried to enter the hidden cave. One of them turned on the camera and was able to record everything that happened on video.

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The trellis in the middle of the forest looked strange.

As they approached, people felt a current of hot air that seemed to rise from under the ground. The bars of the grid were not fixed, so they managed to quickly penetrate inside the cave.

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Immediately after the passage began a long tunnel.

It was getting deeper and deeper, there was only enough room for one person – you had to follow each other.

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In one of the branches, people found a jar in which homemade alcohol was once stored.

It seems that the cave was once used by smugglers.

Then a narrow tunnel led the explorers to a much larger area. People have already entered a real mine. Coal could be mined here. But even further, a new surprise awaited them: a room with abandoned tools and a huge walled swimming pool.

From that moment, the researchers did not turn off the camera and filmed everything that happened in detail:

The old mine seems completely abandoned. In this case, it is unclear who needed to hide her behind bars.

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