The house measures 4×7 meters, but there is so much space inside that it looks like a huge cottage.

Deciding to leave the hustle and bustle and unfulfilled ambitions of city life, a married couple bought a small house in nature.

From the outside, the acquisition of a building measuring only 4×7 meters seems reckless to say the least, but the owners managed to turn the house inside into a huge cottage. In the video, it becomes apparent how much space is inside.

The woman’s little house was located just at the edge of the forest. Initially, Nathan and Heather planned to acquire a simple cabin for outdoor recreation, but the circumstances of the past few years have forced them to seriously reconsider their vision of a comfortable life.

Instead of a simple hut, the couple decided to make a full-fledged house, but based on the same foundations. Heather and Nathan solved the problem of the lack of space inside very simply and at the same time elegantly: most of the communications were carried out by hired craftsmen.

A boiler for heating water, a mini-generator, sewer pipes – everything was left outside the house, the established communication points were then covered with false panels.

Crossing the threshold of the house, you instantly forget its size. On the ground floor, Heather and Nathan placed a kitchen, a small dining room and a living room. There is enough space for two, no one will get in the way.

See what important role zoning plays in this option. In the photo below, Heather stands in the kitchen, which is visually completely separated from the common area.

The second floor is dedicated to the bedroom. It’s small, but it has everything you need.

Visit of Heather and Nathan’s house:

The authors of the project are completely satisfied with the accommodation. The interior of the house is indeed much larger than it appears from the outside.

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