A 25-year-old girl married a 71-year-old man a month after they met, then spoke about the reasons for the act

A 25-year-old student married a 71-year-old pensioner just a month after they met. The marriage caused constant condemnation from relatives, and therefore Danielle decided to tell about the reasons for her unusual choice.


Danielle suffered from constant drowsiness and muscle aches since childhood, she ate poorly and felt weak. Doctors couldn’t help, but a friend advised the student to contact 71-year-old alternative medicine master Howard Reiff.

After six sessions, the girl realized that she was in love. The couple decided to secretly escape from the city, they got married and lived together. The student was not able to talk about her partner right away.

Marriage to Howard jeopardized all of Danielle’s social contacts. Parents did not want to hear about the pensioner, friends laughed at first, and then began to run away.

Nobody accepted us. Everyone says he’s too old for me. But it is not a question of age, — said Danielle.

Faced with these problems, the girl was forced to explain to her relatives and friends for a long time that after the sessions with Howard, for the first time in her life, she stopped feeling tired and became energetic again. The pain and drowsiness disappeared, it was as if Danielle had found her lost youth somewhere.

How not to respond with gratitude for such a gift? You can’t command the feelings,” the newlywed bride explained.

Daniel and Howard are forced to live out of town for the time being. Both hope that sooner or later others will accept their age difference.

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