A Man Bought A House With Abandoned Area, And When He Started Cleaning, He Realized There Was A Building Hidden Underground

On the third day after buying a house surrounded by a large abandoned space, the man decided to start cleaning: he found an old wheelbarrow and started cleaning the leaves.

Very quickly, he realized that there was something underground. The ground was visibly blown away, and another older building was hiding below.

Simon bought an abandoned country estate as his old dream – the man has devoted his whole life to business and has now decided to settle outside the city.

He chose the object for a long time and meticulously, and accordingly he opted not for the newest and neatest house, but with a large area around it.

The area, although large, needed cleaning. So, the very next day, the man found an old car and decided to work near the house.

As the rubbish was cleared away, it became clear that the site was not at all a simple forest plantation or pasture, as indicated in the house documents.

Simon even double-checked the papers.

The whole space has long been overgrown with blackberry bushes and weeds. The flowers obviously grew on their own, but they look like they were once planted in flower beds.

As the territory was cleared of debris and leaves, it became clear that the buildings were hidden under the layer of time: the man found traces of some kind of structures and parting paths. Very quickly, he realized that there was once a botanical garden.

Then he decided to approach the matter seriously – it was unrealistic to dig up the “pasture” alone. The workers therefore got involved in the process.

Gradually, paths and traces of the old botanical garden appeared underground.

The work continued for several months, but finally, with the help of masons and a passing landscaper, the man completely restored the once underground place:

Simon plans to open the garden for walks to all for a small fee. He feels that since the territory was given to him for free, it should be shared with others.

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