A resident of Canada has 24 wives and 149 children. He kept his family a secret until his relatives betrayed him. Here’s what happened next

Canadian Winston Blackmore has a big house and several cars.

A fairly successful business, an ordinary hobby – and he also has 24 wives and 149 children, which the man kept secret until his relatives betrayed him.

Blackmore is 61 years old. All acquaintances considered him a completely ordinary man who leads a calm and measured life. A typical small business in Canada brought him a good income, enough money for a house, and for several cars, and for two boats on the Great Lakes.

As it turned out later, the man honestly spent a significant part of the money on his family.

Or rather to his family – all the women of Winston know each other perfectly and the children love to play together. For the first time, Blackmore got married in 1975 to a young girl, Jane, and just didn’t stop there.

Almost every year, a man contracted a new marriage, authorized and even encouraged by his community, a somewhat exotic offshoot of the Mormons.

Blackmore never spoke to acquaintances and friends outside the community of a large family, and in 2022 he managed to acquire a large number of relatives.

One of them finally spoke to the public about Canadian brides. Blackmore had to appear in the local court, but in fact he broke no law and not all of his wives were at all against this state of affairs. Moreover, all the relatives of the Canadian gathered in front of the courthouse, which surprised the judge and influenced her decision.

As a result, Blackmore was simply allowed to go home with formal punishment. In general, the court found that the Canadian honestly supported each of the 24 wives and 149 children. And if nobody is against, then everything is in order.

The Canadian said he hid his wives and children from his acquaintances only because it was not accepted in modern society and he did not want to put anyone in an embarrassing position. Blackmore himself is not at all worried about the big family.

Finally, the Canadian also told reporters that he would most likely remarry. Business will provide him with many more wives.

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