“I’m a busy man”: 4-year-old lrish boy goes over his to-do list”

Children can often say the bravest things, and this four-year-old from Northern Ireland is no exception. He suddenly decides to tell his mother about his daily schedule.

She adds a bit of embellishment and fantasy to that explanation, but it turns out to be really fun! Caroline O’Neill, Darrag’s son, has a great deal of imagination and some real-life experience. Darrag goes through the list of all the things he has to do the next day while his mother patiently listens and encourages him.

According to 4-year-old Darrag, he always has to buy the car keys because he bought them yesterday. He received the license yesterday. He says that the police will not come out today, looking away from the camera, everything is deeply thought out.

He describes himself as a “very busy and timeless person” after completing all his duties and tasks for the day. He lays wires, cuts fences, gets cement, and digs through “all the weeds.” Darrag also has sheep hair to cut. Fortunately, the subheadings help us and give us an approximate direction, as Darrag’s Irish pronunciation is very meaningful.

She sits at the kitchen table, drinks coffee and presents her daily activities. Mother Caroline says: “He likes to work hard and cultivate the land together with his brother, father and grandchildren. He is a rather hard-working weed boy. “

Darrag also discusses what he mainly likes at dinner. He lists pizza base or garlic steak as the best option. Then he talks again about “smoothing the stones” and “sowing the garden”. He adds, “Shower, I might do it tonight.” This four-year-old knows exactly how to spend all day working and eating healthy. His list goes on and on. He could not be a cutter when he talked about his imaginary responsibilities and things to do at his home in Northern Ireland.

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