The man bought a garage and started repairs. Six Months Later, the Garage Has Turned into a Dream Home: Just Look Inside

Instead of buying a small apartment, the man decided to invest in a spacious garage.

Friends dissuaded him from a risky purchase, but the master already had a plan.

Immediately after the purchase, the man began repairs and six months later turned the garage into a real dream house.

The project turned out to be so interesting and original that even a film crew came to visit the author and filmed the garage on camera, showing it inside and out.

The entire lower level of the garage has been pre-insulated with UWB plate, the walls have also been covered with bricks.

Already at this stage, the garage began to look more like a fashionable loft, and here the owner made only a working area.

Hidden behind the siding, a discreet door leads to an office, for which there was also a place in the garage.

Crossing the threshold, thoughts about the garage in principle disappear – it is a full-fledged space for comfortable and convenient living.

A separate staircase leads to the second floor to the living area. And there begins the most interesting, because without stopping at the repair, the man managed to form a real apartment above the garage. It is divided into a sleeping area and a recreation area.

The man led the film crew through all the stages of the repair-transformation of the garage:

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