The student, out of boredom, enlarged the map and saw an eyeless creature staring at him directly from under the bridge.

The student, out of boredom, “wandered” through Google Maps until he saw a strange sight under one of the bridges.

He zoomed in all the way and suddenly realized that an eyeless creature was watching him directly from under the bridge.

The Google Earth service allows anyone who wishes to travel without leaving their home.

Thanks to satellite images, you can go almost anywhere in the world, and the area of ​​interest can be greatly enlarged.

Tom Middleton did just that. He planned to get closer to New York, so he combined fun with useful surfing – he was checking which bridges would be more convenient for him to get to from school.

Even now, I can’t say exactly what made me raise this particular bridge. As if I had to, – later, Tom will tell reporters.

Under the two floors of the bridge, a being was waiting for the student, as if looking directly at him. At the same time, the creature had no eyes:

Most likely, someone just decided to play a trick and hid a clown mask under the bridge. On the other hand, it doesn’t explain why Tom decided to increase that particular segment of the map.

The student no longer thinks of moving to this area. He wasn’t too fond of bridges in New York State.

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