A man found a square iron door in a deep forest and tried to figure out where it led. Here’s what was inside

In a dense forest, a man suddenly saw a square iron gate carved into the hillside. Its hinges seemed well oiled, but there was no dwelling around at first glance. After taking a good look around, the man nevertheless tried to figure out where the black iron door might lead.

The story of the discovery was published by the author himself on one of the popular portals. He explained that he had specifically come to northern Montana to hike through the dense forests and that the last thing he expected was to find a hidden cache under the tree canopy.

The iron door didn’t look old at all. Greased hinges and a secure mortise lock meant the shelter was used often. Moreover, the door was not only dug into the hill – the owner of the cache took care of the concrete base. This suggested that a tunnel protected by concrete was also collapsing, something like this:


She appears to be under 30. The door is steel and it is clearly machined, the concrete also shows no signs of weathering. But what’s underneath? – the author commented on the discovery.

Looking around, the man found a nearby, long-rusted car. It could have belonged to the stash owner, but we can’t say for sure.

Returning to the village, which stood on the edge of the forest, the man carefully inquired about the door. Locals have speculated that it could be a farmer’s hideout for storing explosives, which were often used here to remove stumps, or beaver dams. According to another version, a small smugglers’ chamber is hidden behind the door. The deliberately hidden location of the cache speaks in favor of this option.

Listening to the voice of reason, the man decided not to open the door. Who knows who really owns the cache.

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