A passerby found an old wallet with a note about marriage and connected people who got lost 77 years ago

On a freezing night, a passerby accidentally spotted a wallet lying on the road. There were no documents inside, only money and a letter. The newspaper was so worn, as if it had been read several times a day. The letter was written in 1944 and the man was so touched by the marriage story described in it that he decided to find the owner of the wallet. This act, unexpectedly for all participants in the story, became the main event in the lives of people who lost contact 77 years ago.


The man who found the wallet didn’t open the letter immediately and only because he wanted to find the owner.

“Dear Michael! My mother forbade me to see you. Forgive me and know that I love you and always will. Your Anna,” read the short note.

At the address on the envelope, the man found the telephone number of the author of the letter, the same Anna. But when I called, I found out the woman had sold the house 30 years ago and was now living in a nursing home. With great difficulty, he managed to find the address of this institution.

In the retirement home, the man found an elderly and very kind lady. It was Anna, who wrote a letter to her friend. The woman told her side of the story.

In 1944, she was about to marry a certain Michael Goldstein. Opposing parents: Anna was only 16 years old. She wrote him a letter and has never seen him since.

“If you find him, tell him Anna still loves him and she never married,” the woman joked sadly, as whoever found her letter prepared to leave.

After saying goodbye to the lady, the man went down to the first floor and, while waiting for a taxi, struck up a light conversation with the security guard of the establishment. He showed her his wallet, and the guard said with surprise that he had seen the exact same one at the house guest in the next building.

Without wasting a minute, the man rushed to the next building. On the guest list, he found the name of Michael Goldstein! The man gave her the letter and said that Anna was still waiting for him in the building next door.

The meeting of Michael and Anna remained in the memories of all the guests of the establishment. Unable to utter a word, they stood facing each other.

The next day, the elderly couple married and left for their own home. They still had a lot to say to each other.

All their lives, two beings have loved each other and have finally found their destiny. And all thanks to the man who accidentally found the wallet.

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