The family bought an old house and during the renovation they found a door to the room behind the wallpaper, which had been closed 103 years ago

The family decided to move from the capital of France to the countryside and found a cheap and dilapidated bicentennial house in need of renovation.

When work began, people discovered that a door was hidden behind wallpaper in one of the hallways and the window was bricked up from the outside. Later, after studying the records, they realized that the door was closed and did not open for over 100 years.

The house was located in a village called Belabr and was built a very long time ago – at the beginning of the 19th century. For some reason, the house hadn’t had a buyer for many decades, so the authorities wanted to sell it at virtually any price. In addition, the building needed a major overhaul.

When the preparatory work for the repair began, the hallway wall turned out to be a secret. Behind the wallpaper and a sheet of wood, the builders found a closed door, and after inspecting the exterior, they realized that a window was bricked into the exterior wall.

Without thinking twice, they decided to find out what lurks in the room, which they so carefully eliminated from the layout of the building. The door gave way and a room opened, which was obviously prepared before closing, even though it was a very long time ago.

Apparently, the premises belonged to a man, and people decided to find out in the archives of the village who could live there.

When the archives were brought up to the local town hall, the story became clear. The house belonged to the Rochero family before the First World War. Their son, Hubert, was drafted into the army but never returned. For the parents, it was a blow, they could not forget their son and walled up his room forever, completely preserving everything inside as it was. Then the house was sold and the room remained a sealed time capsule.

A portrait of a young man was even kept on the wall, and his old uniform remained on a hanger. Naturally, everything was covered in dust a long time ago, because no one has entered the room for over 100 years. After talking, people decided to outfit the window, but they left all the decoration as it was – just wiped the dust off.

Even the uniform remained in place.

The couple filmed the whole entourage on video:

Nevertheless, they decided to close the room, but without sealing the door and walling the window. So there is now a small museum of the history of the region in the family home.

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