The family hauled concrete on the land for a year, but the building did not appear. The neighbors decided to go and check and found an underground house

For an entire year, an unsociable family brought concrete to an open field. No structure has appeared, and in the meantime the concrete has disappeared.

Finally, the neighbors decided to check the territory and unexpectedly found steps leading to an underground house.

The house was hidden as much as possible from prying eyes. At first, curious neighbors launched a quadcopter and, using its camera, found only a hypothetical place where the building might be located.

Only after entering the territory of the site did they manage to see the covered steps.

Of course, the family was happy to explain this choice of an unusual house.

It turned out that both were passionate about two things at once: hang gliding and ecology.

They wanted to integrate their new home as much as possible into the surrounding space and also make the dwelling invisible from the air.

In the end, the couple planned to fly around the same places.

With a corresponding request, the couple turned to the famous Mexican architect Francisco Prado. A field of avocado trees near Mexico City was chosen as the location for building a house.

The Prado met both needs of the family with its signature radical style. At the point indicated for construction, its workers dug a platform, then built a concrete base cube on it and covered it with earth and grass.

Casa Aguacates (“House of Lawyers”) covers 246 square meters. It is an open space with a living room, a dining room and a kitchen, surrounded by bedrooms, a guest room and two offices.

Skylights in the ceiling bring natural light into the house. There is a hot tub on the terrace.

Short video tour of the house:

The quirky house quickly became a local landmark. True, it should be admired only in photos from designer magazines – the family prefers to live apart.

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