The sealed iron box served as a table in the attic for 30 years, and when the house was demolished, the man decided to open it and look inside

The owners of the old house moved to a new house and asked a friend to help them transfer things. The man immediately drew attention to the massive iron box with hinges in the attic. When asked what’s inside, the owners just shrugged. According to them, they still used the box as a makeshift table. The acquaintance asked if they would mind if he tried to open the box, and the elderly couple agreed.

The owners were an English family in their 60s and, according to them, there was always a box in the attic. When the couple bought the house 30 years ago, it was already in the attic. The massive iron box was heavy, so they just filled it with things and used it as a table, because in the attic something is always attached from unnecessary things.

The man quickly identified an old safe in the iron box. It weighed several tens of kilograms and to open it, it had to be transported to a more convenient place. The box was loaded onto a trolley and transported to the workshop.

It should be noted that among the old things in the attic there were other iron boxes. But it was not difficult to open them and they were empty.

The table did not give up right away. I had to use a grinder and work for several hours to cut the hinges. But the effort was worth it.

Inside, behind the door, were almost dilapidated, but still recognizable, paper bills bearing the likenesses of the Queen and other first people of Britain.

As a result, it turned out that the makeshift “table” for 30 years while the couple owned the house kept nearly 20,000 pounds inside. Currently, the amount is not very large, but 30-40 years ago it was serious money.

The finding was quite shared. The owners of the old house decided to use their share for repairs in the new dwelling, because despite the age of the bills, they are still accepted everywhere today.

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