The tourists saw a passage in the rock and decided to check it out, but a small cave led them to an ancient labyrinth.

A group of tourists were already descending from the foothills towards the house, when one of them noticed a passage in the rock. After talking, people decided to visit a small cave at first sight. However, an ancient tangled maze awaited tourists at the next bend.

The group was led by an experienced guide who quickly found the first descents. The man held a safety rope to calmly find his way, and the tourists went to explore the first rooms of the labyrinth.

Soon they managed to find a sign with the name “Aohobe” on the wall, after which the guide quickly got his bearings and was able to tell where the group had arrived. The old labyrinth turned out to be an old working mine, explored by Soviet miners around 70 years ago.

In the early 1950s, geologists explored the eponymous field near the Aohobe River.

Its potential was highly appreciated – not only iron and tin, but also silver were found here. The mine was built in the shortest possible time, and by 1964 the 3rd Soviet had already received its own underground infrastructure.

It was discovered by tourists who expected to see as much of a small cave as possible. But the map of the mine turned out to be huge, the maze of construction sites stretches for miles. There is nothing to do here without an experienced guide.

However, the group still turned on the cameras and videotaped an attempt to recon the furthest part of the maze:

To descend into such works without an experienced escort is not worth it. Who knows where the underground labyrinth will lead.

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