A man brought 4 old containers to the site. Six months later, the neighbors were envying the house like in the magazines

The man did not have enough money to buy even the most modest apartment. Taking out a mortgage for many years also didn’t seem like the right move for him, so he invested in two old shipping containers.

The man had seen how they made houses of their own. Neighbors in the area looked at the container with skepticism, but after six months they began to envy the design house as in fashion magazines. The total size of the purchased containers was 60 square meters.

The man did not immediately have the idea of ​​​​using them as a dwelling, however, he already had free land at his disposal, but the construction of a traditional house would have cost even more than an apartment in the city.

The author of the project gave the two containers for processing to a company specializing in the construction of such houses.

Specialists prepared a complete interior design, took care of the electrical and plumbing.


They brought me two blocks ready to use on the site.

Unloaded directly on the foundation, opened the door and lived, – said the owner of an unusual house.

Containers cost a man only 110,000 rubles each. The space obtained from them was quite enough for comfortable living: on 60 square meters, craftsmen arrange an entrance hall, a separate kitchen, a bedroom and a recreation area.

Go around the house:

The house itself compares favorably to all neighboring buildings. No wonder the neighbors are now looking at him with envy.

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