A woman bought 4 old containers and transformed scrap metal into a real design house: video

Claudie Dubel did not have enough money to buy at least a one-room apartment in Quebec.

The woman decided to take a rather bold step, for which she was criticized by many acquaintances: she invested the entire amount in 4 old containers and managed to turn unnecessary junk into a designer house.

Naturally, Claudie understood the task awaiting her even before the start of this adventure.

The woman works as a general contractor in a construction company, she has an architectural background and is well versed in construction.

Claudie bought four containers at the port for a pittance.

Of these, the woman decided to make a two-level house – two containers on the first floor, two on the second. Outside, the metal was sheathed with a natural pine shingle, inside, they were just lightly painted.

The wife brought all the wiring outside and hid it under the siding, which greatly saved space in the house. On the ground floor, Claudie has fitted out the living room and the kitchen, here is the bathroom.

A spiral staircase leads to the second floor and a bedroom opens behind.

Short video walk around Claudie’s house:

As a result, a woman built an entire house for a relatively small amount (with the price of apartments in the capital of Canada).

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