Man buys 1900 home and finds sealed attic entrance that hasn’t been opened in nearly 100 years

Joe Reagan bought an old house built in 1900 on the outskirts of town. He briefly scanned the interior and therefore did not immediately discover the sealed access to the attic. Opening the door, the man realized that no one had been here for almost 100 years.

Joe himself shared the story and photos on social media. He said he was always interested in old houses and was very happy to find such a rarity with a century of history.

The attic hatch was located at the very top and was covered in a thick layer of cobwebs and dust. Therefore, Reagan did not notice it immediately, but, after noticing it, he spent some more time carefully opening the lock.

Behind the door, the man saw a large room. There were still some old boxes and crates in the corners. Deep in the attic, Reagan came across an old cradle of which only the skeleton remained. For some reason, a scythe, rusted by time, stood next to it.

I am a realist and I have never believed in mysticism. But the atmosphere in the attic even reminded me of Stephen King movies, the surroundings are the same,” the home owner commented on the finds.

Reagan rushed out of the attic and closed the door. Then he left the house and hired a team of professional cleaners who will remove all the things left behind by the previous owners.

And most likely, the man did the right thing. In old houses, just in the attic, asbestos was often used for insulation – better to get rid of it too.

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