The narrowest house in London is only 1.8 meters wide, but costs more than a million dollars. see inside

In London, to put up for sale the narrowest house in the city, and perhaps in the whole country. The odd building has a facade just 6 feet wide, which doesn’t stop it from costing more than a mansion on the ocean – we look at how a narrow house worth over a million dollars is fitted inside.

For two bedrooms, two living rooms and a roof terrace, the owner wants the equivalent of 92 million rubles. Real estate in London has always been expensive, but this lot surprised even locals.


The building once housed a millinery workshop. The value of the building has doubled in just the last ten years, and the owner decided not to miss the opportunity to get some relatively easy money.


On the ground floor of the house there is still a showcase representing a hat, the old parquet and the original bathtub remained here.


The kitchen leads to a small private garden and on one of the floors there is access to an open terrace with a beautiful view over London.


Despite the high cost, the house is unlikely to stay at auction for long. There are enough fans of extravagant accommodation in London and the narrow house will surely find new owners.

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